Failure Feels Like…

Okay, folks, so as 2022 began, I started a new venture. A daily drawing journal. The type of drawing I am practicing is intuitive, using black pen (so there can be no erasing or “fixing”), with the goal being the revelation of unconscious feelings or states of being. The drawings are NOT meant to be, or expected to be, works of art! They explore and reflect the psyche; the theory being that whatever we express on paper exactly mirrors our inner experience. Like our bodies, our pictures cannot lie. The old saying comes to mind: images speak louder and more truthfully than words.

So, I have been doing my daily journal and am having great fun with it. Because I allow myself to draw badly, to use stick figures and any other simple forms I need to express. I do not think or use my intellect in any way. This is all just hand to paper, come what may.

In a recent online Art Course called “Art as a Soul Language,” one of the exercises was to draw what failure feels like and then write a poem about it. This is what came from that exercise:

The carrots dangle
Out of reach
The flowers grow and bloom
Taunting me
Magic is in the air
I am trapped in a box
Of my own creation
Wisdom waits
For me to let myself out

I wonder if anyone can relate?

4 thoughts on “Failure Feels Like…”

  1. What a beautiful presentation – I love the combination of your whimsical sketch with your beautiful words. Bravo, Jill! You are so gifted♥️


      1. I can relate! sometimes my mental messages to myself keep me in the box.. my first impression was that your failure looks happier than mine, until I realized the carrots are out if reach and the happy flowers are out of your view.
        ! Such is boxes of our own making and reminds me to get out of my box and see and smell the sweet flowers of life.


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