Circle of Life

I have been radio silent for months, but not utterly inactive creatively. This is my latest piano composition. Please overlook as best you can the “crude” recording and my imperfect playing! Arthritis is my charming foil.

Another caveat: This piece has taken me a long time to embrace – both in the playing but also in its conception. This is how the music came to me, and I allowed it to come through without too much critical judgment. It has unusual construction and is dissonant at times, but there is a logic to it, and moments of beauty, I think. I hope you find some enjoyment in the listening. It may not resonate, and that is fine too. Not all sounds are pleasant to the ear and can be an acquired taste – or may never to be one’s cup of tea! So, with that mea culpa, here it is!

Circle of Life

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