I was born with a gift for music. I started playing piano when I was four. My mom gave me some beginner piano books, and I taught myself to read music before I was in first grade. It was a natural language for me. I innately understood its logic, mathematical ratios, rhythms, and patterns. I played classical piano and composed music until I graduated from college and entered “the real world.”

Fast forward. Ten years into an unsatisfying, non-musical career, I became increasingly depressed by the lack of creativity in my life. One day, out of the blue, a little voice in my head said: START PAINTING. Huh? I was no artist. There were talented artists in my family, but I surely wasn’t one of them. I started painting anyway. Patterns began emerging effortlessly. There seemed to be no limit to the possible variations. I had a lot of fun exploring rhythms and patterns and colors. I made musical pictures.

Fast forward again. Years go by, and one day I’m walking through a craft store. My eyes alight on some decorative scrapbook paper. I stop and peruse. Hmm… It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Why not make my husband a valentine card? After that first valentine card, collage became an obsession. Scissors, paper, paste. Quick, easy, fun. I could create an infinite variety of patterns with simple lines and basic shapes (circles, squares, and triangles). The scrapbook papers provided an endless array of colors and textures.

As I expanded into working on larger and larger pieces, I started sensing something very interesting. The designs and patterns seemed to communicate a feeling of energy, power, harmony, balance, serenity, and stability. They felt “spiritual.” So, I did some research on Sacred Geometry, a concept I was aware of but knew nothing about. Essentially, sacred geometry incorporates all the mathematical principles of geometry but ascribes metaphysical value and meaning to these geometric shapes and patterns. It is believed that sacred geometry radiates higher vibrations and frequencies of energy, enhancing meditative states of spiritual awareness, and facilitating physical, emotional, and psychological healing.

Wow! This new understanding deepened my respect for the geometric patterns I had been creating for years. I continued to work on original designs, but also started to explore working with established sacred geometric patterns, like the “Vesica Piscis” and the “Tetrahedron.”

If there is a possibility that the collages I create contribute to heightened states of spiritual awareness and enhanced ability to heal, then I want to share them with others! So I created a series of note cards that are available on my shop page.

I’d love to hear your comments on what these images evoke for you!