Welcome! In 2016 I left the work world to pursue my longstanding dream of living a creative life.  Part of that dream was to create a web site where I could share my piano compositions, art work, poems and short stories.

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The Philosopher’s Stone

This symbol is a simple yet profound image used by alchemists to represent the culmination of their “Great Work:” spiritual perfection.  To the uninitiated, alchemy was a painstaking, improbable scientific method for transmuting a base metal, lead, into a precious metal, gold. But true alchemists understood the cryptic method was really a metaphorical road map for expanding spiritual wisdom and understanding, and  actualizing our full potential as a spiritual being living a human life.

These are amazing! (Debra)

Those cards are absolutely stunning!  (AJ)

Love your web site! (Kathy)

Love the blog.  The collage on your home page is my favorite. (Alicia)

Wow, I am overcome – illuminating artistically and intellectually.  I love the intertwining of visual art, music, and – wow – mathematics!  I was not aware of the origins of The Philosopher’s Stone, and love that you’ve created such a beautiful representation of such a powerful symbol. (Anne)

Your web site is impressive, and your designs stunning!  Looking forward to the shop opening. (Barbara)

Lovely. (Barb)

I love it! Your spirit manifested brings tears of joy to my eyes.  I particularly appreciate your logo, not only for the symbology involved but for your specific execution.  Beautiful! (Scott)

It looks amazing, Jill.  Congratulations – you are my hero. (Diane)

This is so cool!  Congratulations!!! (Frannie)

Beautiful images and music!  I am looking forward to the sale of your cards online.  (Jean)

I am so excited for you!  It’s just awesome.  All your hard work paying off.  I am looking forward to the shop page! (Karen)

Wow, it looks great.  Congratulations!  I love all your images and the interesting info in the blog.  I’m so glad things are moving along for you. (Kate)

WOW, WOW, WOW!! I love your web site.  You did an amazing job.  It is so well laid out.  Your writing is descriptive and moving.  The art pieces and music are beautiful.  You are incredibly creative.  When I was viewing the Gallery page and looking at your art work, I suddenly felt very warm all over – sort of like a spiritual hot flash.  That has never happened to me.  Very interesting.  (Linda)

Congratulations, Jill!  Your work looks stunning all together in one spot.  Your passion for what you’re doing is very evident – and you have a wonderful writing “voice,” as well.  I wish you all the success you want.  Well done. (Louise)

This is so great, Jill!  Congratulations! (Mary)

Your designs are awesome! (Luz)

The logo is beautiful – a soft flowering of the geometric frame the alchemical symbol provides.  Really nice!  (Jeanne)

Wow Jill – This is fantastic.  Sharp, bright, and very appealing to my eye!  Love The Philosopher’s Stone concept.  You have put quite a bit of thought into that choice and it’s a great foundation to work from.  You’ve got all the bases covered: collages, music, and the blog – all great ways to express your creativity.  I am very impressed.  (Steve)

I love your web site! So very impressive and creative.  You are a wonderful writer, as well.  I’m very happy for you that you are following your dream.  It would be terrible to waste such talent. (Vi)




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