Mea Culpa!


To those who read my piece on Freedom yesterday, I want to apologize. I later regretted posting it. The words were true, but the feel was negative, and just because something may be true, it doesn’t have to be thrown out into the world. I recognize the power of words to heal or harm, and I want to uplift not depress my readers! So, the post is trashed and I start anew. If I caused offense to anyone, please forgive me. I was caught up in a moment of despair over the state of play in our country. But I don’t want to be one more person putting negative feelings into the world. A lesson learned…

2 thoughts on “Mea Culpa!”

  1. Hi Jill. I understood where you were coming from with your freedom piece. And I also see why you wrote this piece. You are thoughtful, wise, humble and full of integrity my dear.


  2. I felt it was completely appropriate for the day. Yes we have grown and progressed since our independence, but it is important to continue to set goals to establish a more perfect union


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