I want something BIG to happen!


This piece was written for the “manifestation” workshop I am taking. The exercise was to describe an experience of manifesting something in my life through a passionate but unspecific wish or intention. This experience was my example. I submitted the essay for potential publication on the teacher’s web site.

I Want Something BIG to Happen!

Adrift at age twenty-four, I was living in Washington, D.C. surfing temp jobs to pay rent. One day, walking into Georgetown, my feet halted mid-step as an energetic surge coursed through my body. Six passionate words arose from the depths of my being: “I want something BIG to happen!”

The statement’s ferocity startled me. I didn’t even know what I meant by these words. But they vibrated with clarity and truth.

Shortly after that stunning declaration, one of my roommates came home and handed me a slip of paper containing a name and phone number. Apparently, the White House was seeking someone to screen press calls for one of President Reagan’s senior staff.

I had zero interest in politics, but I did need a stable job.

And what a job it was! I worked on the second floor of the West Wing, directly above the Oval Office, among government’s most powerful leaders. In addition to the perks and privileges of that position, I catapulted from subsistence to abundance overnight.

Uttering those nebulous words just weeks earlier, I could not have envisioned something THIS big happening to me! Political aspirants were plentiful in D.C., and many already had vied unsuccessfully for that job. For some inexplicable reason, the Universe decided to place it in my lap.

This experience taught me at a young age that claiming something with intensity, even without knowing how the desire will be met, can nudge life to respond in miraculous ways.

The White House gig was great, but after a few months, I was offered something even more exciting: the chance to work at the US Mission in Vienna, Austria! Living and traveling in Europe at the age of twenty-five was one of the most impactful and rewarding experiences of my life.

Recalling how the magic of those six little words manifested two amazing life opportunities, I marvel at the magnanimous generosity of the Universe.

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