I experienced “writer’s block” for the first time since I started this daily practice of short-story writing in April. I couldn’t write anything for 4 days, which coincided with recovery from my second COVID shot! Coincidence? 🙂

So, after 4 days of silence, here is my next ditty. The genre is supposed to be “thriller,” but I don’t think this meets that bar. Still, it evokes something mysterious, I think.

Genre: Thriller
Action: Getting a hair cut
Word: Wind
Word Count: 98


The steamy air was still. Bright sunshine lightened my dark mood. Getting a haircut will cool my head.

Freshly cropped, I scurried to the car. Black clouds tumbled in the distance. Chaotic winds tousled my new do.

A storm was brewing.

The blinding deluge pinged hailstones, pedal note to the roaring freight train gaining on me.

An illuminating flash thrust me into the heart of the cyclone. Its thrashing infused me with inexplicable calm.

Finally thrown out to pasture, shaken but unharmed, I surveyed the vast destruction all around.

With awe, I wondered, how did I survive this?

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