Cats v. Dogs

I almost didn’t do a story today, but I hate to break my daily streak (34 days in a row, I think). For what it’s worth….


Genre: Romantic Comedy
Action: Walking down the street
Word: Tiger
Word Count: 100

Cats v. Dogs

Lucky leapt off the couch, wagging his way to the leash by the door. Walk Time.

Strolling our usual route, we froze at the park’s entrance. Not 100 yards away a man approached with a tiger by his tail.

Don’t be alarmed! Lady is tame, I promise.

Lucky and Lady sniffed each other. Boy and girl did the same. Conversation flowed. Beasts behaved. Talked dinner. Exchanged numbers. Love match?

His parting words: It’ll never work, you know. We’ll start fighting like cats and dogs. Dog people and cat people…there’s no middle ground.

Lucky started barking. Lady let out a roar.

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