Another Dimension


Genre: Mystery
Action: Opening a door
Word: Pebble
Word Count: 100

Another Dimension

A typical family gathering morphed into calamity. Where did she go? Mid-conversation her body simply vanished. Dematerialized. Poof!

Panic erupted. Their minds couldn’t grasp illogical phenomena. No one knew what to do.

Except little Larry. He saw what others couldn’t. First one, then another. Iridescent pebbles dropped like breadcrumbs.

Leaving the handwringers, he followed the trail. At the end of the line emerged an antique door with a golden knob.

Dare he enter? Was she there? He knocked. No answer.

Grasping the handle, he turned it slowly. A vortex sucked him in. The door slammed shut.

Where did he go?

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