Cautionary Tale


Genre: Horror
Action: Swimming in the ocean
Word: Typewriter
Word Count: 100

Cautionary Tale

Perched at the typewriter, the obit reporter began:

She loved the ocean but feared its fathomless abyss. Rarely venturing into the water, majestic waves enthralled her remotely, safely.

Breakers sputtered along the shoreline. Tamed. Teasing. Beckoning. Come!

Irresistibly lured, her toes tipped the tickly foam. Cautious. Then bolder. Soon ungrounded, she surrendered to floating in space.

The liquid monster blindsided. Pummeled her like a load of laundry in spin cycle. Lungs pressed. Limbs thrashed. She succumbed.

A sinking feeling the last thought before her mind faded to black.

Job’s wisdom remains: The thing we greatly fear will come upon us…

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