Genre: Ghost Story
Action: Mowing the lawn
Word: Basement
Word Count: 100


Midway through the cut, the blade snapped. Furious, repair would derail his happy hour plans. But he couldn’t leave the lawn half shorn.

He trekked to the basement with foreboding. Despite the warm, bright day, his skin crawled stepping into the dank, dark cavern.

Where’s that blade?

Something brushed his cheek. A cobweb? Crosswinds blew. How does that happen indoors? Pondering the mystery, the cellar door slammed; the bolt clicked.

Terrified now, he froze. His heartbeat was a jackhammer. Objects began to fly, some dangerously close to his scalp.

What do you WANT?

I want you to visit more often.

3 thoughts on “Lonely”

  1. This made me really laugh. Even spirits get lonely. That’s why they make appearances once in a while. Such a quirky little piece. Very pithy


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