Celtic Legend

I was not successful in incorporating the random word “oil can” in this piece, and it’s not really fitting the fantasy genre, but it’s what came this morning, so here you go!


Genre: Fantasy (not really)
Action: Knitting
Word: Oil Can (couldn’t fit!)
Word Count: 100

Celtic Legend

Perennial damp rattled her bones. Rocking in dim candlelight, spinning a yarn for her granddaughter, gnarled fingers knit the girl’s mittens.

Tomorrow will be cold.

They travel to Newgrange, Ireland’s ancient temple, to celebrate the winter solstice and witness The Illumination.

What’s that?

Before St. Patrick brought Jesus, the Sun was God. Hibernian ancestors erected Newgrange in homage to this Light, which penetrates the tomb on the shortest day, promising eternal radiance in the new year.

Unfortunately, history omits what happens to the worshippers present. Their interior tombs are illuminated, too!

Tomorrow we will become living temples of the Son.

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