Safe Bubbles


Genre: Fairytale
Action: Blowing bubbles
Word: Candle
Word Count: 100

Safe Bubbles


Just another nightmare, honey. Lighting the candle, I grabbed the bottle of bubbly and blew.

Which one?

She picked the most colorful orb.


Pressing through its membrane, we tumbled into a vibrant wonderland, shaking off goo like wet dogs.

Where was he?

Fairies appeared, guiding us to a dense forest. Skies blackened. A blood-curdling screech sliced the darkness.

We froze.

Remember dear, claim your power.

Tremulously: “go away.”

He froze. Wasn’t she afraid?

Bolder: “I ORDER YOU TO GO!”

Her wish was his command.

Safely tucked in her cozy bed, I snuffed the candle, leaving her to dream.

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