Shortly after the election, I was jolted out of a meditation with this inner push to go downstairs to the piano and start composing something that would be titled “Reconciliation.” After weeks of work, this piece is the result.

Unfortunately, my current electric piano is not able to produce the quality of sound I was searching for. Randy is encouraging me to buy a new piano in the not-too-distant future. One that more accurately imitates the sound of a classical piano, with better recording fidelity. But for now, despite its imperfections, I hope you are moved in some way by the tune.

I am starting to understand the style of construction that seems to come naturally to me. There IS logic to how this piece is written, but I acknowledge that it doesn’t fit any traditional style of composition. Occasional dissonances and several key and time signature changes make this work a bit more complex than my earlier compositions. The sounds that came to me made sense and expressed what I felt, but I recognize they may not necessarily resonate with others! Randy gave it a thumbs up, though, so I risk putting out here in cyber space. 🙂

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year (Let’s HOPE for better days ahead!)

3 thoughts on “Reconciliation”

  1. This is a beautiful composition… very serene, like a mildly breezy Summer afternoon – sitting on a bench and having an easy conversation with a loved one. I loved it!! BRAVO, Jill!! You are awesome!


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