Images for 2021 Calendar

I spent the past 3 weeks creating these images for next year’s calendar. I decided around Thanksgiving that I needed to make one, and embraced the short time frame as a good creative challenge. No time to think much or second guess my choices. I plowed ahead making one picture almost every day.

Inspiration came from the Zodiac. I used each month’s planetary symbol and associated colors as the framework. January tops the first column and the following months continue from top to bottom, then down the second column, and the last 4 months in the third column. If you want to see my reference material, I attach the information below the pics.

[If you click on one of the images, you can see them in larger format as a slide show.]

4 thoughts on “Images for 2021 Calendar”

  1. I know I’m biased, but these are awesome. Thank you for sharing!
    Last night we had a very bright full moon — this morning I went to the cheat sheet in your blog to learn that Moon = July. So I’m starting out thinking that July could be my favorite of the 12, but I reserve the right to come back with an update at year-end if my favorite has changed, ok?
    I love your calendars and look forward to turning the pages of 2021 with you. 🙂


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