A message for today

For the past year or so I have been practicing a writing style called “automatic writing.” Which simply means writing without rational thought. Just putting pen to paper and allowing words to come. I thought this morning’s message was quite interesting, so decided to share it here. View it as a creative foray, perhaps. I don’t claim it as Truth. But I will say it FEELS true to me.

“You feel things shifting, gears slipping into gear, momentum gathering. Not so long now. Not so long. Release release release. Release all impulse to judge, condemn, reject. Accept whatever is being projected in order to be healed. It is just a kaleidoscope of imagery to lure you away from your true center.

All is accelerating, speeding up, colliding in the super collider. What is the debris that will spin off from the collision? The dross of what is not real. Only what is true remains bound together.

Time itself is changing from linear to eternal. The illusion of linear time is being reformed into the infinity of the present. You feel it. You feel the speeding up, the collision, the spray of debris flying away from the core. It is such a powerful centrifugal force. You feel part of it, caught up in it, yet observing it like an outsider, too. All this collision seems destructive, debris flying everywhere like shrapnel, with collateral damage. Everyone feels they are on a collision course, a roller coaster ride from which they cannot disembark. It is thrilling, terrifying, powerful. A trajectory that cannot be stopped.

But it WILL stop when the ride is over. And something new will emerge. Something never born before. Something utterly new is coming.”

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