Writing Contest Feedback


Due to travel, social re-emergence, and relentless contractor intrusions, writing has been dormant the past few weeks. But I want to share the outcome of the Fiction Writing contest I entered a few months ago.

Sadly, I did not make the second round of the contest. But, I received a personal critique from the three judges and was buoyed by their very positive feedback on my storyline, character development, and wit. They also offered good suggestions for improvements to consider.

Perhaps a tiny bit disappointed, I remain interested in writing and will continue onward. Stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “Writing Contest Feedback”

  1. Keep moving forward. Add the suggestions they made if they seem to improve your writing but don’t change out what is already there and keeps you writing. You have a voice that is worth the world hearing.


  2. I am sad you didn’t make the second round. But, that is awesome that you got the feedback that you did! I LOVE reading your work! xo


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