The Creative Process


The following is an essay that emerged this morning when posing a question to myself that I lifted from a beautiful book by Hope Koppelman called “The Gifts of Writing:”

What life lessons have I learned through my creative process?

I have learned to trust myself, my intuition, my inner promptings. To open to inspiration from the creative Source. Entering this mystical realm excites me. It is my greatest joy and delight.

Creating something, anything, makes me feel alive, connected to God, at peace, in harmony. Regardless of what may be happening “out there,” when I create something the day is automatically good, complete, worthwhile.

Creativity unveils my true nature. It is the place where I feel free to be unrestrained, fully myself. When creating, I am most genuine, authentic, and real.

The creative process prompts me to face fear: fear of nothing being there, fear of not being able to create something worthy, beautiful, inspirational, fear of exposure, fear of rejection, ridicule, diminishment.

Creativity requires courage, discipline, willingness to fail, eternal hope for success, a love of inquiry, discovery, the play of trial and error. A willingness to confront obstructions and limitations. A willingness to throw it out and start over.

I have learned the value of speaking my truth, regardless of who may or may not wish to hear it. I always search for my own truth, to see it reflected in the works I create.

I have mustered the courage to reveal my work to others. It becomes easier each time. My desire to share is always greater than my need for safety. It is wonderful to discover that others value and are inspired by my work. That is deeply rewarding.

I honor my creative drive and give it center stage in my life. It flies me to the spiritual heights but also roots me more firmly in the world.

For me, creativity is the most direct pathway to Self, to God. It provides the opportunity to manifest without what resides within. It is life’s magic. It is a gift and a privilege.

2 thoughts on “The Creative Process”

  1. Such a touching, evocative and thoughtful piece about the value of your creativity, your process of sharing it with others


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