Gone Fishing


Today’s offering is a poem. I wrote this in five minutes this morning in response to the disappointing news I received yesterday. I didn’t expect my book proposal to win, but I had hoped for some recognition, or feedback. There were five publishing winners and about 15 honorable mentions (20 recognized out of 245 submissions), and I was not among them. No sour grapes, but I definitely need a time-out to regroup.

Anyway, this poem expresses my feelings exactly. (The image of a floppy dead fish came in a dream last night, thus the theme)


Flinging a line into the sea
I wait for a good catch
The day is fine
I feel lucky

A nibble
Then a tug
Reeling it in, I’m gob smacked
By the stench of rotting flesh

Flopping on the beach
It gasps its final breath

Sometimes we go fishing
For something we think we want
Only to discover
Our prized catch dead on the vine

Unhook swiftly
Toss it away

Cast a new line

2 thoughts on “Gone Fishing”

  1. You have the best attitude… cast a new line my dear friend♥️ You are extremely gifted and very creative. Your day will come.


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