Robin’s Hoods


I have to practice all the different genres of storytelling because I don’t know which one will be part of the contest’s Round 2! Below is a “crime caper” – meant to be a silly escapade with flawed characters.

Genre: Crime Caper
Action: Driving
Word: Tool
Word Count: 100

Robin’s Hoods

The idea hatched on poker night. Lamenting the world’s economic injustice and fantasizing ways to set things right, Jerry rigged the plot.

Tim’s tools would bust the locks.
Jerry would mander the cash.
Robin would drive Batman’s getaway car.

Waiting at the wheel, Robin pondered the plan’s absurdity. How could they deliver money to the needy if they get caught? Who, exactly, ARE the needy, anyway?


Doors slamming, Robin pressed pedal to the metal. They sped down the deserted highway, eventually stopping at a vacant lot to count their blessings.

And book their flights to the Seychelles.

Ahhh…sweet justice.

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