This past month I have been practicing writing a story a day that can be told within 100 words and incorporates a random action and word, to prepare for a writing contest that began today. The following story is based on the contest’s assignment:

Genre: Action/Adventure
Action: Hanging Laundry
Word: Start (can be included in a larger word)
Word Count: 100

7,000 writers are participating in this contest. I am in a group of 63 people from which 15 writers will be chosen for the second round. I will know in July if I make it or not.

This is the story that emerged from the given parameters:


Springs or sliders? Springs had better grip but inflicted pinch marks. Sliders risked slippage but left no trace. This conundrum, the thrill in my day.

Halfway down the line, mind lost in mindless reverie, I startled as a Porsche pulled up the driveway.


“Let’s go, girl.”

Speeding down the freeway we giggled, reminiscing. That midnight train to Naples with sailors met in Rome. Skiing the Austrian Alps. Dinner at the Paris Ritz.

I was home rescuing pinned clothes before he pulled in the driveway asking: “What’s for dinner?”

Secretly thrilled I had chosen the sliders.

They left no trace.

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