Washing Dishes

Action: Washing dishes
Word: Laughter
Word Count: 94

Washing Dishes

The moment her hands immersed in the hot sudsy water her thoughts flowed into familiar reverie. Blankly, she stared as multicolored food remnants blended into mud and swirled down the drain.

A voyeur, she peered out the window, spying the next-door neighbor children playing “Tag” in their back yard.

Such joy, the tinkling bells of innocent voices unrestrained. Her sacred music. In perfect harmony, their mirth crescendoed to high pitched shrieks of laughter, just as the kettle on the stove reached its boiling point and wrenched her back to make tea.

Dinner was over.

2 thoughts on “Washing Dishes”

  1. Dear Jill, You have been doing an awesome job with these short stories. I am sure that it a challenge to stay within the boundaries of 100 words to tell a full and meaningful story. I enjoy each and every one of your stories and look forward to the next. Way to go!👏


  2. Jill, this is so much fun! I’m so glad you introduced me to this idea. I had been experimenting with some other flash writing ideas, but never with just one action and one word. I like the simplicity of that.

    Also, I love your artwork and I’m listening to your piano music right now. It’s beautiful.


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