A Holy Present

My friend, Pat, sent me a link to a Facebook writing challenge. Before I sign up for the contest, I figured I should try a dry run, to see if I could write a short story in a quick span of time using only 100 words, or less. Two things are required: The action must reflect “unpacking a suitcase” and the word “light” must be incorporated. The following is my short story. I would love to hear your feedback (Exactly 100 words were used)!

Action: Unpacking a suitcase
Word: Light
Word Count: 100

A Holy Present

Alone in a dark hotel room, I grope through the overnight bag’s contents, beneath the panties, nightgown, socks…digging. I know it is here. Somewhere.

Clasping the crystalline treasure, my hand emerges victoriously from the cavern. The glowing bulb’s light brightly illuminates the gloomy room. Magnificent rays emanate, infusing the space.

It is a dazzling holy presence.

On an archaeological dig in Egypt last fall, I discovered this orb. Its unearthly aura beckoned to me below its heavy shroud of sand. I knew it was wrong, but I slipped the relic into my pocket, undetected.

It was my secret find.

3 thoughts on “A Holy Present”

  1. Jill this is fantastic! So intriguing! I can’t wait to read more. It’s so interesting how you have experimented with and blossomed your writing abilities.


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