A poem that came to me this morning in reaction to last night’s presidential debate:


Cornered, trapped
No time for breathing

Claws up, gesticulating
Fangs down, eviscerating

Snapping and snarling
Jowls drip blood and entrails

Savage eyes
Scarlet cheeks

Pushy snout, foraging for food
Starving the Bassett Hound

A wolverine

He devours
He degrades
He destroys

Alpha Supreme

2 thoughts on “Feral”

  1. So realistically expressed!! He is everything and worse… I can only hope that the Divine Justice will finally play its card🙏


  2. So right in each quality you ascribed to him , he who shall remain nameless by my fingers. I was shaking with rage, fear and shame that this man is what is presented to the entire world as “the leader of the free world” . Heaven help us and the planet we inhabit.


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