Four Winds

Four Winds I                                                                       Four Winds II

I started Four Winds I several weeks ago, but made a boo-boo gluing down the four directions of triangles (north/east/south/west).  So I put it aside, allowed myself a day or two to feel disappointed, and started fresh another day with the same initial idea. That collage became Four Winds II, which reflects the original concept.

Upon completing the second design, I was inspired to see if I could salvage the first collage that almost made it into the dumpster.  I just played around with it, and it came together in an unexpected way. The imprecise lines give a wavy kind of feel to the piece, and I think I like it better than the original idea!

The colors on black paper feel so pretty to me.  I love the flow of energy in both of them.  Their original size is 20″ x 20.”

I hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Four Winds”

  1. These take me for a ride IN! Can’t see the imprecision in the first one, but I like to embrace the “boo-boo’s.” Your visual art adds depth to your musical art…lets see an interpretive dance video next! 😉


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