The Conversation

The Conversation

At long last, the piece I have been working on for months has come together!  I am creating a new structure with this composition.  The two “voices” are in different time signatures.  The first is 6/8 time and the second is 4/4 time.  It is harmonious to me, but may not suit your ear! In any event, the motive behind this piece was to juxtapose two musical themes, each with its own personality, and create a conversation between them.  Are the themes in opposition, in harmony?  Regardless, the 4/4 voice has the last word…

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Would love to hear your feedback!


1 thought on “The Conversation”

  1. I think this is my favorite Jill. It’s highly inventive and I enjoy the expressiveness of the “voices.” The feelings are complex, but the overall impression is of curiosity and joy. You are very lucky to have this skill at your disposal.


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