Celtic Christmas Cards


Hello!  My latest project was to create two sets of Christmas/Holiday cards to sell at various venues this year.  I had to create them this early in order to be considered for the Wellington Square Book Store, which makes their Christmas buying decisions now! [The cards also will be available for purchase on my shop page a little closer to the holiday season.]

The inspiration for these designs was a traditional “Celtic step pattern” I found in one of my Irish books. The central image, a square, incorporates three basic shapes arranged in four different ways. I made eight collages using the same three shapes for each design.

If you compare the top image in blue to the one below it in green/red, you will see that the pattern is identical.  Any difference in appearance is the result of the papers chosen.  [Note: the side ribbons are not based on Celtic design, but were added so that the image would fit a standard size card.]

I love all things Irish, and Celtic design has always spoken to me the same way geometric design does.  There is symmetry, harmony, balance, and simple beauty.  I remain fascinated by the infinite variety of ways these basic shapes can be expressed.

Happy Summer!





1 thought on “Celtic Christmas Cards”

  1. Jill! These Christmas cards are so pretty! I love the red & green cards & will totally need some! Your work is so awesome! xo Karen


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