Angels Lament (work in progress)

I continue to work on “Angels Lament.”  The second movement is almost complete, and ideas are percolating for the third movement, which will be a a synthesis of the themes in the first and second movements.

I’m thinking of calling the last movement “Reconciliation.”   Its meaning: “to make one view or belief compatible with another.”  I reflect on the current polarization in our country.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there could be a way to reconcile such disparate perspectives?  Did this song come to me because the angels truly do lament our human dysfunction, or is it because I need reconciliation within myself?  Maybe it’s both!

We will be purchasing a new digital piano for my upcoming birthday in February.  I’m very excited.  The piano Randy (my husband) bought for me two years ago is a basic “entry” model.  We didn’t know at the time that I would play it very much.  Turns out I play every day, at least an hour, sometimes many hours.  With all that playing, unfortunately, a number of keys have become “loose” and they clack annoyingly.  It is driving me absolutely NUTS!!!

SO – we’ve done a lot of research, and the next piano will not only be much better quality, it will also enable me to record directly on the piano itself.  I may hold off recording this latest work until I have my new toy.

Stay tuned… (pun intended) 🙂



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