Angels Lament (work in progress)

Today is apparently an “auspicious” day.  In numerology, 11 is considered a Master Number and is said to hold an angelic vibration that makes wishes and dreams manifest more easily.  11 is also believed to be the number of spiritual awakenings and signifies the rising of consciousness.  Of course, we all know 11 and 7 are considered lucky numbers.  So I hope everyone experiences good fortune today!

I thought it would be cool to share with you on this particular day that I’ve been working on a new piece of music, and it is, serendipitously, titled: “Angels Lament.”  The piece will have 3 movements, which is standard practice in classical composition.  It will tell a story, much like my earlier piece: Election 2016.

The first movement is finished.  It started with one small progression of notes.  Literally just one measure of notes.  But their sound intrigued me, and compelled me to keep playing them over and over.  Eventually more notes came, and then my fingers sort of flew around the keyboard striving to flesh out that initial theme that was calling me.

The way I compose is a bit strange, I think.  I don’t hear the music first in my head. I find it on the keyboard by stumbling around on the keys and discovering what I’m NOT hearing in my head when I don’t find the “right” notes!  It seems to be a backward process, but it works.  I completely defer to my fingers.  They take me where they want to go, and then my ears let me know when I’m on (or off) the right track!   The conscious brain just watches the whole thing unfold.

My concept/title for the first movement is “Exhortation,”  which is an appeal, or a call to action. In the biblical sense, it is a call to repent.  I am currently working on the second movement, and its concept/title is “Invocation.”  In this movement, the angels summon divine intervention and assistance.   I have some ideas, but the third movement remains TBD!

Please stay tuned.  I will post a recording of the piece when it’s complete!




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