Goddess Festival reminder

The weather today is exactly like it was that fateful day in 2001: beautiful, warm, sunny. Clear blue sky and puffy white clouds. Everything is so peaceful and tranquil here in Pennsylvania, but back-to-back hurricanes have wreaked havoc in Texas and Florida, and 9/11 remains a vivid memory.  It is a somber day.

I spent much of the day trying to figure out how to get set up with PayPal in preparation for my first sale opportunity at the Goddess Festival in King of Prussia on September 30th.  The event should be lots of fun, with many pampering activities, and proceeds from the event will support women battling breast cancer.  Here is the link to the event, if you are interested: http://www.autumngoddessretreat.com/

After fumbling a bit with the login procedure, and playing around with the features on my phone, I found PayPal isn’t all that difficult.  It took me awhile to “get it.”  I’m not the most technically savvy person.  But, a test run with my own credit card seemed to go through, so fingers crossed!

My goal is to have a “shop” page on this web site up and running in October, so please come back and visit.

Haikus are a fun way to write a poem, because they have a simple format (5/7/5). This one came to me a long time ago, but seems particularly appropriate today:

Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe
Waken to the brand new day
Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe

Blessings to all …..







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