The Philosopher’s Stone

Picture1This symbol is a simple yet profound image used by alchemists to represent the culmination of their “Great Work:” spiritual perfection.  To the uninitiated, alchemy was a painstaking, improbable scientific method for transmuting a base metal, lead, into a precious metal, gold. But true alchemists understood the cryptic method was really a metaphorical road map for spiritual transformation: transmuting one’s lower, animal nature (lead) into one’s higher, spiritual nature (gold).  If successful in completing the Great Work, an alchemist was rewarded with the gift of eternal youth, the elixir of life, essentially the keys to the kingdom.

The Philosopher’s Stone incorporates three basic shapes. The circle represents oneness, the center of all creation (God). The square represents balance, the four elements of matter (earth, water, air, and fire).  The triangle represents the triad of mind, body, and spirit. The layout of the three shapes in this symbol reflects perfect balance and union between heaven and earth.

I chose The Philosopher’s Stone for my logo because of its sacred geometric design and its profound spiritual meaning.  I believe creativity is a byproduct of spiritual exploration, and spiritual discovery inspires creativity.

Philosopher's Stone
Collage 2017

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